Idea Bombing gives us the opportunity to stop, listen and think. Part meetup, part popup bar, talk series and community brainstorm, it's a new way to engage, surface creative ideas and promote ways of turning those ideas into reality.

In 2013, John O’Callaghan and Melinda Garcia held a popup event in an underground car park in Sydney. Wanting to give a voice to young people and highlight the awesome talent across the City, they put a call out on facebook and within 3 weeks had 130 people rubbing shoulders and sharing ideas between carpark pillars.

The evening featured great music, cheap drinks, 4 inspiring speakers and a giant chalk wall (inspired by living legend Candy Chang). Everyone was invited to add ideas to the wall on the night’s theme, ‘How can we make Sydney more creative?’, and by doing so ‘idea bomb’ the City. John and Melinda called this Idea Bombing.

Jump forward a few years and the Idea Bombing initiative is now in 6 cities around the world and growing! It’s an exciting movement and one that celebrates ‘out of the box’ thinking and action.  

Idea Bombing focuses on untapping creativity in everyone and anything in a fun, social and creative way. After a series of short 5 minute talks where guest speakers bomb their ideas to the crowd, the crowd is then asked to add their thoughts/experiences/dreams to the ideas wall.

We love seeing what people add to the wall and collect these ideas on the night for distribution on social media after the event. We are passionate about providing meaningful feedback to the community, the event host and hopefully contributing positive change to Government policy. We aim to complete a circle, connecting people, connecting ideas and connecting people with ideas.

Ultimately, Idea Bombing aims to seed your city with ideas in the hope they grow to create new spaces and places for people to enjoy, connect and dream.

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Want to start a chapter in your City? Become a host.

Idea Bombing chapters are run by awesome hosts and passionate volunteers. Idea Bombing headquarters (based in Sydney) works closely with every host and provides mentoring for establishing the chapter and delivering events.

Idea Bombing offers the opportunity to engage in your City, connect with the leaders of tomorrow and make new friends. It’s also a great excuse for coffee, drinks or both!

If you’re serious about starting an Idea Bombing chapter in your City we’d love to hear from you!